What effect does waterborne metallic paint have on industrial development?
- 2019-07-18-

Water-based metal lacquer is made of water as a medium, using multi-component synthetic resin as the base material, participating in various anti-corrosion additives, and based on chemical reaction, complex reaction and other chemical reaction principles, it is prepared through multiple production processes. The waterborne metallic paint reacts with the vivid rust effect under the effect of inorganic acid, transforms the rust into a new stable protective layer, and firmly adheres to the metal surface to form a dense shutdown layer, a protective layer, and then reaches the anti-corrosion purpose.

Water-based metallic paints generally have no irritating odor, and do not contain harmful substances such as benzene. They are environmentally friendly and have no damage to the human body. They are real green environmental protection products, which are conducive to civilized construction and satisfy the social requirements for environmental protection.

Suitable for all kinds of steel structure objects, just remove the external oil and sand, remove the floating rust, and use rust, spray, immersion and roll to construct, simplify the construction process, reduce the labor intensity and reduce the labor. Production costs.

Water-based metal paint is flame retardant, anti-explosive, transport, storage, and has no danger of explosion during use. It then ensures safe production. It has a fast drying time at normal temperature, consolidation of conjunctiva, strong adhesion, acid and alkali resistance of paint film. It has good weather resistance, anti-corrosion effect and anti-corrosion life is more than twice that of the same grade solvent-based anti-rust paint, which greatly reduces the construction cost and material cost of maintenance coating.

It is forbidden to use organic water and other organic solvents and thinners such as banana water, Tianna water or gasoline. It is necessary to mix the paint evenly before use. If the viscosity is too large, you can participate in the dilution of tap water. After construction, various construction things are completed. Equipment, containers, etc. only need to be cleaned with tap water. It is forbidden to use other solvents. Then, not only the construction environment is not polluted, the construction workers are not damaged, but also the production cost is reduced and the power is saved.

At the same time, the water-based metallic paint does not evaporate, and the solid content is high, which not only makes the product stable in the storage process, but also the coating area is at least one-third higher than the paint.

The birth of water-based metallic paints is not only a high-quality, low-cost, safe and environmentally friendly green product coated with various metal materials, but will eventually replace solvent-based paints. Early use of early benefits, early advancement of product quality and corporate image.

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