How to test the gloss of waterborne glass paint
- 2019-02-23-

Waterborne glass lacquer is a water lacquer used on glass substrates. The current types are single-component self-drying, one-component baking, and two-component self-drying. So how do you test the gloss of waterborne glass paint ? The following Guangzhou Tianmai Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. will give you a detailed introduction.

Water-based glass paint gloss: Water-based glass paint gloss refers to the degree of reflection of light on the surface of the paint film. Water-based glass paint gloss is generally divided into bright, semi-light, flat, matte; can also be divided into one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven. Water-based glass paint gloss test The first water-based glass paint gloss meter test, the unit is indicated by a percentage.

Detection method: It can be made by measuring paper or corresponding materials. After the paint film is dried, it is measured with a water-based glass paint glosser. The average value of any three points is measured. When measuring, the water-based glass paint gloss meter should be proofread using the corresponding standard plate.

The above is the detailed information of testing the gloss of water-based glass paint, I hope to help everyone. Want to know more about the content of water-based glass paint, you can pay attention to our official website, we will update the relevant content regularly, you can also call our online customer service, they will solve all your questions.

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