How to distinguish electroplating varnish
- 2019-07-04-

I believe that in our real life, many people don't know how to buy the products they need. Some are looking at the price. The price is definitely good. If you look at the brand, the brand is definitely guaranteed. The degree is ok, but this method can not be chosen to be more appropriate, a better way, or to observe, such as how to distinguish when buying electroplating varnish?

The first is to investigate the color of the ink. When purchasing, it is necessary to check the color. The electroplating varnish is sensitive to ultraviolet light. If the electroplating varnish after construction is continuously exposed to ultraviolet light, it will continue to react and turn yellow. This is electroplating light. The shortcomings of the oil itself, but the degree of yellowing of the electroplating varnish of different suppliers is not the same unless a specific non-yellowing or special white electroplating varnish is applied.

After the electroplating varnish is glazed, the ink is discolored, mainly because there are some pigments in the ink. These pigments, such as those used in book inks (the surface after printing is no longer glazed), are feasible, but if used in color box inks, Very risky because most of the color boxes are post-processed. The detection method is to drop a drop of base oil and ink on the surface of the ink, and it is very obvious whether the ink is discolored after 1 hour.

If the printed paper is in contact with the ink, it can be forced to dry, such as drying or more time to solve, or use neutral base oil, solvent-free electroplating varnish, solvent-free books Electroplating varnish and other methods to reduce the tendency of ink discoloration.

When choosing enough ink, we also need to "taste" to evaluate the odor of electroplating varnish. There are two objectives. One is the odor during construction. The primary source is the residual solvent in electroplating varnish. Under normal circumstances, the remaining solvent The amount is less than 2%. In special cases, such as cigarette pack varnish requirements are less than 0.5%, but now the price of oil soars, many suppliers add a lot of solvents such as alcohol and toluene to reduce the cost of electroplating varnish. The high can reach 25%, so the plating varnish is harmful to our environment.

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