Tianmai waterborne metal paint brings you a little common sense of water paint
- 2019-08-01-

Tianmai takes you to understand the common sense of water paint

Water paint is a water-based paint. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, non-combustible and non-explosive, ultra-low emission, low-carbon health, etc., and the film is full, flexible, water-resistant, wear-resistant, aging-resistant, yellow-resistant and easy to use. It can be widely used in wood and metal. Industrial coatings, plastics, glass, construction and other materials. Water paint is a new generation of products that gradually replace paint. The implementation of water-based paint is an innovation in the field of painting in China.

Classification of water paint:

Water paints mainly include water-soluble, water-milk, and water-milk types. Water paint is generally divided into one-component and two-component. One-component can increase the dilution of water or direct construction. The two-component demand increases the water-based curing agent to fully stir evenly, and then increases the water to dilute the construction.

Why is water paint highly respected?

1. Replace the organic solvent with clean water, and produce, transport and store safely.

2. Add water to adjust viscosity during construction, easy to operate

3. The smell of construction and boring process is fresh, no smell of oily paint

4. Contains no harmful substances such as toluene, xylene, halogenated hydrocarbons, free TDI

5. Environmentally friendly coatings, low VOC emissions

Water paint construction tips know early

1. The moisture content of the coated substrate is controlled at 8-12%. It should be polished before painting. The substrate containing heavy grease such as pine should be degreased.

2. Water-based wood lacquer is based on water. The evaporation of water is slow and volatile. It has a very important influence on the film formation and paint film expression of water lacquer. Therefore, the construction of the water-based wood coating, the dry environment temperature is 15 ° C or more, and the relative humidity is preferably 75% or less. In order to better satisfy the requirements of mass production of furniture, the site needs to be equipped with heating and dehumidifying equipment.

3. Water-based wood lacquer touch paint, painting, boring equipment and utensils must be rust-proof to prevent rust caused by moisture and affect the quality of water lacquer and film.

4. In the process of storage and application of water paint, it is forbidden to mix oily substances and prohibit mixing with solvent paint to prevent cross-contamination.

5. After the completion of the construction, the items should be cleaned in time. The unused water paint should be sealed and kept, and the construction environment should be kept clean.

6. The water paint should be stored in a cool, dry environment. In winter, the storage and transportation temperature should be ≥5 °C to prevent freezing.