Introduction of common additives for water-based glass paint
- 2019-07-30-

With the progress of people's daily life, glass has become an indispensable decoration material in people's days. The texture of glass itself can not be replaced by other decoration materials. Glass lacquer makes glass have color, with beauty, colorful and various creative ideas. Glass is a special material, and the required water-based paint has high functional requirements. Aqueous glass paint is a water-based paint used on glass substrates. At present, the varieties have one-component self-drying type, one-component baking type, and two-component self-drying type. Next, Xiaobian introduces you to several commonly used additives for water-based glass paints.

Polymer granules

HY-235 is a nonionic pigment-containing polymer-dispersing agent with strong viscosity reduction, which can prepare high pigment content color paste; it has good dispersion stability for low viscosity coatings; Carbon black and phthalocyanine blue pigment have excellent dispersibility; suitable for water-based resin-free color paste and resin-containing color paste; do not affect the drying, water resistance and salt spray resistance of paints such as industrial coatings; Contains VOC and APEO, safe and environmentally friendly.

Multifunctional dispersing agent

HY-257 is a multi-functional dispersing agent for aqueous coating systems. Because of its high compatibility with pigments, it can effectively reduce the viscosity of the slurry by increasing the amount of the pigment, and can improve the color development and stability of the pigment. Produces pigment concentrates and coatings with high content of titanium dioxide and iron pigments.

Silicone leveling agent

HY-5030 is a silicone leveling agent with excellent moisture, smoothness and wear resistance; it gives the coating a good leveling function and improves gloss; it gives the pigment and filler a good orientation and leveling function.

Substrate moistener

HY-6085 substrate moisturizer (similar tok), has excellent substrate moisture and permeability, can improve the adhesion of the coating to the substrate, useful to prevent shrinkage, and has good compatibility with the resin, not Affects the function of the coating, does not improve the slipperiness, does not affect the adhesion between the layers and the recoatability. Good compatibility with resin and low foam stability.