How to test the gloss of water-based glass paint
- 2019-10-29-

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Water-based glass paint gloss How to test the water-based glass paint gloss: Water-based glass paint gloss refers to the degree of reflection of light on the surface of the paint film. Water-based glass paint gloss is generally divided into bright, semi-light, flat, matte; can also be divided into one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven. The water-based glass paint gloss test is mainly tested by the water-based glass paint gloss meter, and the unit is indicated by a percentage.
Detection method: It can be made by measuring paper or corresponding materials. After the paint film is dried, measure with a water-based glass paint glosser, measure any three points to take the average value, and measure the water-based glass paint gloss meter with the corresponding standard plate.
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