The difference between glass paint and glass flake paint
- 2019-04-25-

Many customers have consulted the problem of glass paint. Many people saw the name of "glass scale paint" and thought it was spray paint applied on glass. Practice is not too. Don't look at the names of these two brothers. And the function is very different! So, let's understand how the two "glasses" differ from each other!

Let's take a look at the conceptual explanation of these two.

Glass paint: Glass paint is a type of paint that can work on a decorative paint with a glass surface. When subdivided from temperature, glass paint can be divided into low temperature paint, high temperature paint and self-dry paint. From the perspective of construction, it can be divided into hand paint, spray paint, shower paint, and hand paint. In terms of nature, it can be divided into oily glass paint and water-based glass paint. According to different methods of application and scale, it is possible to select the appropriate paint.

Glass flake paint: It is a scaly glass filled with special treatment in a thermosetting resin. Since the glass flakes are stacked in the coating, they have a great effect on the permeability of the coating. The coating method can be brushed, high pressure airless spray or roller coating.

Where are the differences between the two uses?

Glass paint is suitable for spraying and color changing of glass, ceramic tile, ceramics, etc. It is characterized by bright colors and strong adhesion (general paint is difficult to adhere to the glass surface), and has an artistic sense. Therefore, the effect of glass paint Mainly the role of decoration and protection of glass and other materials.

Glass flake paint, because glass flake coating has corrosion resistance, good permeability resistance, low shrinkage rate of coating film, small thermal expansion coefficient, less residual stress, wear resistance, simple construction, easy repair, equipment used in marine engineering. , buildings, offshore drilling channels (especially applicable to the corrosion site of seawater splash zone), ship waterline parts, etc.; large steel storage tanks, dock steel piles, bridges and other large steel structures, smoke desulfurization devices, etc.; The inner walls of chemical equipment, containers and pipes for alkali, salt, ammonia and other media can replace rubber, plastic and FRP fabrics; for external protection of concrete under various harsh environmental conditions, such as cement bridges, sewage treatment ponds, sea pools, Heavy anti-corrosion on the floor and wall of the workshop; used for anti-skid decks, floors, operating channels, etc. Glass flake paint is mainly used for anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, anti-penetration, anti-skid and anti-wear. So it seems that the scale or product function is very different.