What is a double propylene polyurethane sealant!
- 2019-10-15-

Double propylene polyurethane sealant generally refers to solvent-based two-component reactive polyurethane chemical products, which are specially used for sealing treatment of colorful strong permeable concrete or exposed permeable concrete after drying. It can also be used for coloring or colorless sealing of colorful asphalt roads.
The double propylene polyurethane sealant is composed of two parts. The BW303 permeable concrete maintenance agent is taken as an example. The BW303 type is the double propylene polyurethane material, the A component is the resin, the B component is the curing agent, and the electronic scale is required to be accurately scaled. The weight is weighed, then mixed and fully stirred and sprayed. This type of permeable concrete maintenance agent has high functional requirements for the curing agent, and needs excellent functions such as strong ultraviolet resistance and no yellowing group.
The double-propylene polyurethane sealant has good moisture property, and can deeply penetrate the substrate to 2-5mm, and replace the surface water containing alkali to achieve the effect of retouching and eliminating chromatic aberration. At the same time, the product will form a tough layer after the reaction is completed. The bright high-gloss film greatly improves the wear resistance of the pavement and reduces the onset of the falling off of the aggregate during use, providing durable maintenance on the pavement.

Compared with the double-propylene polyurethane sealant, the cost of the one-component overcoating agent is relatively low, and the construction will be relatively simple, without the need for electronic scale weighing, and with the continuous improvement of material technology, single-component covering The function of the agent is not different from that of the double-propylene polyurethane sealant. The material of this kind is BW301 concrete cover maintenance agent, which has been applied to the maintenance of a large number of permeable concrete floor cases. It is good for the owner and the construction party. Reaction.