New color wear-resistant pavement coating effectively alleviates summer pavement heating
- 2018-08-25-

The main component of the new color wear-resistant pavement coating is resin and highly reflective filler, which can reflect 70% of the solar radiation energy on the road surface to cool the road surface. According to the participants, in summer, this paint can reduce the road surface temperature by about 10 °C.

Colored pavement series

The colored pavement is made by mixing white, red, green, yellow and other pigments in the asphalt mixture or concrete mixture. The pavement is paved with various colors, or paved with colored blocks. It can clearly indicate crosswalks, accident-prone areas, quiet residential areas and lanes, emergency parking spaces, road shoulders, etc. For example, foreign countries often paved red roads in accident-prone areas; paved color blocks on public squares and parking lots.

The non-slip coating of pavement is divided into two types according to the construction mode: hot-melt type and cold-coating type; according to the level of anti-slip, it is divided into three types: ordinary non-slip type, medium anti-slip type and high anti-slip type. The cold coating type is classified into a quick drying type and a slow drying type according to the drying speed. The color non-slip road surface with high friction coefficient effectively improves driving safety.