Guangzhou water-based crack paint manufacturer tells you whether to choose water paint or paint?
- 2018-08-22-

Guangzhou water-based crack paint manufacturers inform you that the decorative water paint is still selected paint?

1, from the smell

The water paint is non-toxic and tasteless, has no harmful chemical and carcinogenic substances, and can be hurryed after painting. However, the paint has a very strong irritating odor.

2, from the outside

The water paint is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, and there is no yellowing phenomenon. The durability is better, but the general paint will appear yellow after a period of use.

3, from the storage

Water paint has no special storage requirements because it is safe and non-flammable. Paint is very scary to fire, and it is required to be stored separately at the time of storage, so there is a high demand for the registered address.

4, see the water paint from the environmental protection function

Water paint is because water is used as a solvent for dilution, so there is no damage to our body and it is very healthy.

5, from the construction function

There is no special requirement for water lacquer. It can be painted by simple training, and it is very convenient to apply and repair it yourself. However, the construction of the paint is necessary for the masters who have experienced the construction. If we make it ourselves, it will be unevenly brushed.

Which vision is good for paint and water paint?

1. Odor:

Water-based paint: no harmful carcinogens, non-toxic and tasteless, can be used after painting.

Oily paint: Contains a strong pungent odor that is unbearable and harmful to humans. Contains a lot of harmful substances, which damages human health. Generally, from January to February, the strong irritating odor volatilizes to no smell at all, but many harmful gases will continue to release volatilization for 10-15 years.

2. Appearance:

Water-based paint: Because it does not contain harmful substances, it will not volatilize into the air, so there will be no defects such as yellowing, and it will be more durable. The new generation of PU water-based paint products are no less inferior to oil-based paints, regardless of the film's fullness, hardness and scratch resistance. It is also capable of producing the effect of "seeing wood without paint" which is unique to furniture that cannot be reached by oil paint.

Oily paint: The harmful substances are continuously released and long-acting, so they are easily yellowed and have poor durability.

3. Storage:

Water-based paint: non-flammable, no special storage requirements.

Oily paint: Extremely flammable, it is necessary to store it separately according to fire protection requirements.

4. Environmental protection function:

Water-based paint: only use water as a thinner, it is harmless to human health.

Oily paint: Banana water, Tianna water as a diluent, contains a lot of harmful carcinogens such as benzene and xylene.

5. Construction function:

Water-based paint: There is no special requirement. It can be painted by simple training, and it is very convenient to apply and repair it yourself.

Oily paint: It is necessary to apply enough training through professional training and practice. Because of the strong professionalism, it is difficult for ordinary people to brush well.