Epoxy self-leveling maintenance knowledge
- 2019-09-26-

Epoxy self-leveling maintenance knowledge:

1. Anyone who enters the workshop must change shoes (so as the ground mud is brought into the workshop and the ground is scratched);

2. Any hardware: such as iron chairs, iron tables, iron shelves, etc., must be wrapped with soft plastic or rubber to avoid scratching the ground during use;

3, when cleaning the ground, please use a soft mop or wet and dry vacuum cleaner, can be cleaned with water or detergent, but please pay attention to the ground slippery;

4. If it is worn or scratched due to long use time, local repair can be carried out in a small area. If the area is large, it is recommended to re-roll once;

5. Before the equipment enters the factory, lay a hard cardboard box bottom or wooden laminate steel plate on the floor to avoid scratching the ground during transportation equipment;

6, the cart, the wheel of the board, please use hard or elastic rubber wheel, and use separately inside and outside the plant;

7, can be waxed at the right time.

Suitable place for epoxy self-leveling:

Highly clean, beautiful, dust-free, sterile electronic industry, GMP-compliant pharmaceutical industry, blood products industry, can also be used in other industries that require aesthetics, wear resistance, impact resistance, chemical resistance, such as schools, offices, Chemical plants, food plants and other floors.

Epoxy self-leveling floor paint practice

Self-leveling epoxy floor paint is a very wide range of high-end environmentally friendly materials. What is the self-leveling epoxy floor paint method? First, the ground should be ground, dusted, repaired and decontaminated in the material processing. The treatment ensures that the floor is clean and flat, and then is coated on the ground with a strong adhesion and a permeable epoxy primer to ensure a stronger adhesion, and then a uniform application of the epoxy mortar layer. Thereby increasing the impact resistance of the ground, followed by the use of putty powder for the hole and ground adjustment, after the Zui is the use of self-flowing flat paint for uniform smear.