Technical specifications of water-based glass paint
- 2018-09-20-

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Super wear-resistant, high-hardness water-based baking varnish is the introduction of advanced technology in Europe and America. After more than 20 experts from Taiwan and mainland China, they have been working tirelessly for 5 years. Under the premise of super high adhesion, water resistance and alcohol resistance, it has its characteristics of super wear resistance and high hardness. The product is made of resin through special processing, which changes the traditional paint production process and improves the performance of the product. It is called the sixth generation water-based paint by various experts. Filled the gap in the special field of domestic water-based paint.

Name: Water-based paint

Color: can be used in a variety of colors. .

Gloss: all light, half light and full dumb

Uses: Suitable for glass bottles, glass coatings, ceramics, glasses trusses, metal lighting plating, light, home appliances, water bottles, motorcycles, golf clubs and various iron, copper, aluminum and zinc alloy surface coating.

Features: It has good water dilution, low odor, safety, environmental protection and easy construction. The product has high gloss, good fullness, long-lasting light resistance and no discoloration. High hardness and excellent flexibility, excellent scratch resistance, good resistance to solvents, salt spray, artificial sweat and chemical properties. The product is certified by SGS to meet the requirements of the EU toy safety standard EN71Part3.

Composition: resin, additives, pigments.

Spray viscosity: (painted 4# cup) 14-18 seconds.

Resting time: 5-10 minutes.

Drying conditions: 180 ° C × 30 minutes.

Film thickness: 25 microns / layer.

Consumption: 8 square meters / liter.

Original paint resistance coefficient ohm ≤ 30

Coating performance

Transparent color

Gloss >112°

Solid content (%) 45

Water resistant (hours h) 10h

Viscosity (painted -4#25°C) 30

PH value 8.8

Diluent tap water

Hardness 6H or more

Water resistant soaking for a long time

Alcohol resistant room temperature 7 days

Weather resistance for 3 years


Construction methods: spraying, shower coating, dip coating, electrostatic spraying.

Oil-water ratio: paint: tap water 1:0.5 (weight ratio), stir and evenly filter with 200 mesh filter, static defoaming can be applied. Allow to stand for 5-10 minutes after spraying to enter the furnace.

Standard packaging: 25KG / barrel

Note: The spray gun is cleaned with tap water. After the workpiece is processed, ensure that the surface is clean and dry. Stir well before use. Seal the can lid after use. Do not mix with other brands. Attention must be paid to air circulation during construction. Store in a dry and cool warehouse.

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Water-based glass paint