Why use self-leveling epoxy floor paint in food factory workshops?
- 2018-08-21-

Self-leveling epoxy floor paint has green environmental protection, high gloss, dustproof, mildewproof, and all flat and seamless characteristics. It meets the requirements of the current environmental protection concept and can be used to breed bacteria. It has excellent wear resistance and resistance. Compressive and impact resistant, it can resist the crushing of the serious equipment of the food factory production workshop and the wear of the wheels on the ground when the cart transports the products back and forth. The self-leveling epoxy floor paint construction factory creates a floor for the food factory not only to create a clean and pollution-free production environment for food, but also has the advantages of durability, which can reduce the cost of innovative repairs in the later stage.

The issue of food safety has always touched the hearts of the broad masses of people. China's emphasis on food safety also requires the food industry to improve the quality and safety of food together. Self-leveling epoxy floor paint construction manufacturers can supply the food factory with a clean and dust-free production environment, which plays an important role in food safety production.

The issue of food safety has always been a matter of high concern for people in China. In this era of increasingly transparent information, we can often see that certain foods are exposed. Qualified or the environment of a certain restaurant is super bad, etc. In today's Baidu hot search, there is a "black box rice dens exposure" audio. Food safety issues are not only reflected in the raw materials of the products, but also in the production process of the food factory. In order to produce safe guards and high-quality foods, it is necessary to have cleanliness from self-leveling epoxy floor paint construction manufacturers. Dust on the floor.

In the news of the black boxed rice dens on Baidu’s hot search today, we can see that the guards in the restaurant are in very poor environment, full of earthy ground, cooking on the roadside where people come to the endless stream, even washing in the toilet. Dish, etc., the boxed rice made in such harsh sanitary conditions, the food safety can be imagined. From this news, we once again realize that the inferior environment outside the food production area will become the blade of food safety. If the food factory does not have dust and bacteria, the food will have huge safety hazards. Therefore, the modern food factory and self-leveling epoxy floor paint construction manufacturers have reached a cooperative relationship, using epoxy floor paint floor decoration materials to create a high quality and environmentally friendly floor.