Water-based crack paint manufacturers teach you to buy paints need to pay attention to
- 2019-06-10-

The first point: buy the least amount of consumption, consult the merchants about the number of paintings and painting area, accounting amount and cost per square meter of information, do not be defrauded by the price per unit (barrel), the paint is divided by solids ( The composition of the film and the volatile matter, the solid content is high, 50% to 60%, and the low is less than 10% to 20%. The low unit price is often very large, and the calculation is more expensive and worse. And the quality is poor.

The second point: professional matching, good quality products are often more professional, according to the location of the finished appearance, texture, color, structure or application goals have different planning and strict technical requirements, and provide technical guidance and After-sales service, regular manufacturers supply color-rich sample color cards.

The third point: the selection of brand-name products, try to use brand-name or brand-name products, the production of these products is large, high output value, strict management, product quality is guaranteed.

The fourth point: trademarks, there should be trademarks on the packaging barrel of latex paint, the title of the manufacturer, the date of production, the weight and other important identification and data, it is best to buy in the store or building materials mall, these businesses are more focused on the purchase channel and Product promise, product quality is more assured, do not covet cheap, buy low-priced products in some grocery stores.

The fifth point: buy the packaging is very heavy, lift the paint bucket, shake it, if there is a sound similar to the sound of water, clarify that the packaging is seriously insufficient, less than two pounds, low viscosity, regular manufacturers real material, shaking Almost no sound like these similar sounds can be heard.

Sixth point: Buying a business-led, whether the product's popularity is dominant, whether the position of the shelf is outstanding, the size of the display area can be inferred.

Seventh point: Make an estimate of the dosage, buy one at a time, so as not to have a slight color difference in the coatings purchased successively.

Eighth point: Select the same brand, the primer and topcoat should use the same brand or matching paint to prevent chemical reaction between the primer and the topcoat.

The ninth point: buy information completely, the package of the brand-name paint has a clear trademark, origin, contact telephone, net weight, corporate promise specifications, and its website can be opened, miscellaneous paint is often marked with a false address, Phone and website.

The tenth point: buy and trustworthy enterprises, trustworthy enterprises are purchased by the government agencies from the market, as long as there are no complaints throughout the year.

The above is the top ten precautions for water-based crack paint manufacturers to teach you to buy paint, I hope to help everyone!

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