How to paint glass on glass surface
- 2019-10-09-

Generally, the need to make beauty art is painted on frosted glass, that is, frosted glass. The spray gun should be made with a large atomization, a small contact surface, sprayed at a constant speed, and the spray shape should be adhered to the edge with a transparent adhesive. The glass is easy to color, so it usually ends with 1, 2 shots. Generally, the glass is not sprayed well and will flow down.
The paint sprayer is used in glass production and painting, which is the glass paint we usually say. The spray gun is driven by the transmission reciprocating system to end the spraying. The reciprocating system is of general type and precision type, and the precision type has single-axis reciprocating and multi-axis reciprocating, and is made according to customer requirements. The process is as follows:
1. Transmission method: The chain is transmitted to the roller to drive the driving glass, and the roller is equipped with a wear-resistant conveying wheel, which can make the glass parallel transportation without being scratched. The transport reducer motor uses the international brand cooperation Delta inverter to end the transport infinitely variable speed.
2. Paint mist treatment method: The remaining paint mist is discharged by the fan after being treated twice by the water curtain shower; the exhaust fan is made by a 3KW centrifugal fan; the circulating water pump is selected from a 3HP centrifugal water pump.
3. Reciprocating system: The general type is driven by the inverter to reduce the speed of the motor to drive the painting mechanism to reciprocate. The stroke distance can be adjusted according to the size of the spraying work to adjust the stroke distance, and the inverter will finish the painting speed.
4. Painting system: The painting system is finished by the WA-200 active spray gun and the Polaroid 60L active mixing and painting system to finish the active painting and painting.
Can be painted, now special paint glass, generally to a slightly larger glass shop can be customized according to your color. If you want to paint yourself, you need to buy a special epoxy modified glass paint, online can also buy,
Glass glue can't work. Because the glass glue is still soft after curing, it is not suitable for adding cracks. You can use the paint to adjust the putty to add a gap, sanding with sandpaper and painting.