Color wearable road coating application range
- 2018-08-17-

Tianmai color wear-resistant pavement coating application range

1 Bus harbor, bus lane;

2 non-motor vehicle lanes, sidewalks, central isolation lines;

3 highway tunnels, toll stations;

4 outdoor parking lot, ramp, shopping center parking lot, airport, dock;

5 Landscape roads and others.

Color anti-skid pavement coating construction process:

1 Remove road stains, floating dust, and clean and clean the road surface.

2 Tapeline construction area, reserved for expansion joints,

3 coating a eppepel high-permeability concrete primer,

4 Use Apel's sand road special sand cement and resin to stir evenly;

5 directly sprinkle colored ceramic particles on the paved glue to maintain for 30 minutes;

6 Clean the unconsolidated solid ceramic particles;

7 Adopting the weather-resistant wear-resistant sealing layer paint for Eppel sand road, roller coating construction;

8 Maintenance for 30 minutes, clean up the site, and finish.

Colored sand anti-skid pavement system to meet the needs:

1 Higher friction coefficient greatly shortens the braking distance; improves the safety of driving, especially in the case of rainy roads and ups and downs;

2 Larger structural attempts can absorb sonic noise, on average 6-8 decibels, while eliminating the reduction of splashes and water mist;

3 The color is long-lasting, bright, eye-catching, and diverse in color;

4 Sectional and alternating construction greatly reduces the impact of normal traffic during construction.