Common problems in crack lacquer construction and solutions to small tips
- 2019-09-12-

1. The crack of the cracked paint is too thin or the crack surface is not cracked.

Since the crack pattern is formed by the rupture of the paint film, it cannot be sprayed too thick at one time, otherwise the crack will be fine or even the crack surface will not crack. The oil quantity and the number of shots should be carefully controlled to select the good pattern. At the same time, because the crack paint is sensitive to temperature and humidity, the temperature is too low, the crack is small or even cracked; the temperature is too high and the pattern is large. Therefore, when the ambient humidity is too high, the temperature is too high, and the temperature is too low, it is not suitable for construction. Generally, the temperature is 25 ° C, and the relative humidity is 75%, so as to avoid adverse effects.

2, the crack size is uneven

The uniform crack size is affected by many factors, especially the proficiency of the construction personnel in the spraying technique. This can only strengthen the training and training of the construction personnel. There are no other shortcuts. But also the principle of crack size: if a large crack effect is required, the primer film thickness should be thicker, and the crack paint should be sprayed 2-3 more times, and the gas volume does not need to be too large; if a small crack effect is required, then The primer does not need to be too thick, and the crack paint should be sprayed thinner, and the gas volume can be slightly larger. However, the uniformity of the spray should always be maintained in order to obtain a uniform crack effect. In particular, only one spray can be applied during spraying. It should be successful in one shot and must not be returned to the gun or the gun.

3. The paint surface falls off after crack cracking

Because the crack paint has large powderiness, large shrinkage, low flexibility and poor adhesion, the paint surface is easy to fall off after drying and shrinking. In order to make the crack paint strong and durable, more bright and beautiful, after the crack paint is dry, the sanding is smooth, the surface is cleaned, the cover is semi-matt, matt nitro varnish or polyester paint, polyurethane paint, two-component PU varnish, etc. .

Crack paint construction technique

The construction of cracked paint requires certain skills. The size of the crack, the uniformity is related to the viscosity of the paint, the amount of gas sprayed, the amount of oil, and the thickness. The paint application viscosity of the same crack effect should be uniform, and the paint ratio of the same crack effect should be uniform. The air pressure of the air compressor should be consistent when spraying, and should not be large or small. The diameter of the spray gun is 1.5-2.0mm, and the oil outlet should be smooth. The speed and distance of the gun should be consistent, and the amount of exhaust and oil should be well controlled.