How do you know how to build self-leveling epoxy floor paint?
- 2018-09-14-

How do you know the construction of Tianmai self-leveling epoxy floor paint ?

1) The bottom pull strength test: to ensure that the ground is not peeled after construction;

2) Grinding, planing and milling, sandblasting: to ensure the flatness and appearance strength of the bottom layer;

3) Adding: Adding the original slits or cracks on the ground floor to ensure the self-leveling appearance and crack prevention;

4) High-pressure dust washing: high-pressure dust washing on the outer surface of the bottom layer to ensure clean ground;

Base treatment

1. New cement floor: New cement floor generally needs to be maintained for four weeks, and it takes more than two weeks in summer. Ensure that the water is fully evaporated, the water content is ≤ 8%, the concrete is completely condensed, and the required strength is reached at the bottom layer.

2. Old floor: Whether the strength of the ground is satisfactory for laying epoxy floor. There is an empty shell or peeling on the base. It is necessary to completely break and remove it until the floor is firm and strong. The original coating needs to be tested, and it is compatible with the floor paint to be made, so as to decide whether it is directly applied or may be completely removed in the future.

3, damaged area: before the construction of the primer, repair with epoxy mortar flat, and fully consider its bonding strength and strength.

4. Ensure that the construction site is neat, dry, strong and free from dust and dirt.

5. The oily ground is washed with organic solvent (Tianna water, xylene, etc.) and wiped dry; if these solvents are not available, a layer of cement slurry can be directly thinned on top. 6, the corners or other areas that do not need to be altered to paste the color separation belt to prevent infection with paint.

Suitable condition

1. The construction temperature is ≥5°C. If it is to be constructed at <5°c, special="" formula="" is=""> Humidity is recommended to be applied below 75%.

2. Ensure air circulation during construction. When using the amount of modulation, it should not exceed 30 minutes.

3, the construction process to do a good job of maintenance, to prevent the intrusion of dust and debris, affecting the role of paint.

4. After the construction is completed, it must be maintained for at least 7 days before it can be put into use. During maintenance, especially no water or various solutions may be moisturized.

5. It is forbidden to mix in other paints.

6. It is necessary to participate in the curing agent in strict accordance with the rule share.

7. Adhere to the clean appearance of the coated object, the moisture content of the coated material must be less than 7%.

8. Adhere to the clean environment of the painting, and it is forbidden to work in an environment with a lot of dust.