Water-based crack paint use attention method you should know
- 2018-10-11-

The water-based crack paint is prepared by water-based resin, pigment and filler, various additives and deionized water. Water is used as a dispersion medium, non-combustible, non-polluting, free of benzene, toluene and other benzene series, no irritating odor, no harm to the human body, widely used in metal, wood, plastic and other handicraft surface art painting.

During construction:

Spray the water-based crack paint on the surface of the primer with good water resistance (the primer needs to be dry). The specific steps are as follows: After the surface of the primer is dried, the crack paint is diluted with water to a ratio of 0-10% and uniformly stirred, and then uniformly sprayed onto the surface of the primer. If the crack effect is not satisfactory, the crack water of the company can be appropriately added in the crack paint. The addition ratio is 5-10%, and the mixture is evenly sprayed.

Must be used when using:

a. Crack paint is generally better in spraying construction, and the crack texture is round and natural and uniform. If the brushing is subject to gestures and uneven orientation, the cracking effect is poor and the feeling of dullness is dry.

b. Generally, the primer should be applied before the construction of the crack paint. It can also be used with the water-based gold powder paint and silver powder paint of the company. In general, the greater the contrast between the primer and the top paint, the stronger the stereoscopic effect. The better the effect. However, if it is applied on polystyrene plastic (PS), it can be directly sprayed with crack paint without primer.

c. Before the large-area construction, the sample must be sprayed on the small sample plate of the sprayed primer. According to the effect of the crack size, select the construction viscosity of the crack top coat, the film thickness, adjust the shape of the spray gun, air pressure, and paint. Quantity (setting), gun speed, separation distance. The viscosity of the crack paint is large, the crack speed is slow, and the crack texture is large; on the contrary, the crack speed is fast and the crack texture is small.

d. The uniformity of the crack size is affected by many factors, especially the proficiency of the construction personnel in the spraying technique. A shot should be successful when spraying, and no guns or guns should be returned.