Selection and construction process of epoxy antirust paint
- 2018-10-09-

Epoxy anti-rust paint is boring at normal temperature. After boring, the film has high hardness and adhesion. Epoxy anti-rust paint has outstanding physical and mechanical functions and anti-rust function. Epoxy anti-rust paint is suitable for the coating and maintenance of cement walls, FRP, rubber, machinery, oil tanks, etc. coated with epoxy primer or anti-rust primer. Epoxy anti-rust paint is a kind of coating material with epoxy resin and modified epoxy resin as the primary film-forming material. It has excellent adhesion and chemical resistance, good alkali resistance and strong coating. The primary type of anti-corrosive paint. It is mainly used for corrosion-resistant coating, such as large chemical equipment, inner and outer wall coating of pipelines, and electrical and plumbing instruments for non-metallic exterior and wet tropical conditions. Varnish can be used to make a metal look or cover. Epoxy anti-rust paint wholesale epoxy anti-rust paint technical parameters project target Chen Hao brand epoxy anti-rust paint quality and cheap paint film color fit specification, fineness in the range of color difference um ≤ 20 solid content% 50-60 flexibility Mm 1 impact strength kg?cm ≥ 50 hardness ≥ 2B boring time h dry ≤ 4; solid dry ≤ 24; fully cured for 7 days. Salt water resistance (dip 120h) No foaming, no rust, alkali resistance (immersed in 40% KOH solution for 24h) No change

Refer to the construction of epoxy antirust paint

1. The main paint and curing agent are packed in barrels. When mixing, mix according to the requirements of 5:1 (component ratio), stir evenly, and apply after 30 minutes of curing.

2. The oil, water, dust and other dirt on the surface of the object to be coated should be completely cleaned and kept clean and boring.

3, air spray, brush can be. 4. The blended paint must be used up within 6 hours (25 ° C).

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