What is the difference between oily and waterborne glass paint?
- 2019-03-12-

The introduction of water-based glass lacquer has not only solved the environmental problems of oil-based glass lacquer, but also brought health and safety to construction workers. Because water-based glass lacquer uses water as a diluent, it has not been able to replace water in environmental protection. And water does not cause any harm to people.
However, because many companies have used the oily ones to change into water-based feelings because they are related to the related reasons, they may think that water does not have the effect of oil. The following is true. What is the difference between water-based and oil-based glass paints? Specific introduction.
Difference 1: Water-based glass paint uses tap water as a thinner, while oil-based glass paint uses Tianna water as a thinner. Everyone knows that Tianna water is toxic. From this point of view, water-based glass paint is more oily than oily glass. The paint is more environmentally safe and can be cleaned with tap water when using water-based glass paint when cleaning the spray gun and the mold. If oily glass paint is used, only the water of the sky can be used to clean the spray gun. Water-based glass paint is more convenient to use than oil-based glass paint.
Difference 2: The aging resistance of the water-based glass lacquer and the hardness function of the paint film are stronger than the oily glass lacquer.
Difference 3: In terms of adhesion, water-based glass paint is better than oil-based glass paint.
Difference 4: The price of general water-based glass paint sounds a little more expensive than oil-based glass paint, but the thinners used are different. Oil-based glass paint is made of Tianna water and water-based glass paint. It is a tap water. of.
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