Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between epoxy floor paint and corundum floor paint
- 2019-04-24-

Epoxy floor and corundum floor are two kinds of floor paints that are widely used. What are their advantages and defects? What should you pay attention to during construction? Guangzhou Tianmai Xiaobian introduces epoxy floor to you. The difference between the emery floor.

Epoxy floor is also called epoxy floor, epoxy floor, epoxy floor paint, epoxy floor paint, epoxy floor, epoxy floor. The epoxy floor is composed of a high-functional epoxy resin main agent and a curing agent, and is equipped with a special machine and auxiliary materials, and is constructed by a professional construction worker to form a colorful and seamless industrial floor.


1. All seamless, completely dust-free, easy to clean, can satisfy the requirements of high clean industrial plants;

2, the color can be arbitrarily selected and deployed;

3, waterproof, mildew, impermeability;

4, highly wear-resistant, can walk heavy vehicles; has good toughness, is not delaminated by impact, does not crack;

5. Bonded with the base layer (concrete, ceramic tile, metal, etc.), without delamination or cracking under the premise of construction quality assurance.

6, resistant to a certain degree of chemical corrosion.


1, can not resist the heavier underground moisture;

2, the anti-scratch function is poor;

3. The high temperature resistance function is poor;

4, poor weather resistance

Emery wear-resistant floor material is a dry-sanding ground hardener used in the factory for ready-mixing and on-site use. It is mainly composed of high-strength cement, inorganic wear-resistant aggregate, pigment powder (no primary color of cement), additives and so on. The aggregate is sand-like, with an average particle size of 1.5mm, accounting for about 60% of the total; the cement is treated high-grade cement, in addition to the natural color of the cement, there are red, yellow, green, gray and other colors available. Pick. The hardener aggregate component is a natural ore. It is a non-metallic aggregate that does not rust and has a hardness of 8 degrees or more. In addition to natural ore aggregates, other cements, pigments, etc. do not exceed 25% of the total weight. This product is directly applied to the concrete or cement mortar appearance in the initial setting stage. After being smoothed, it forms a hard, wear-resistant, dust-free and beautiful hardened floor. Mainly have the following characteristics:


1. The color is optional, the appearance is compact, not easy to dust, easy to clean;

2. It is a substitute for terrazzo in traditional industrial ground.

3, synchronous construction with concrete, can be quickly put into use;

4. Low cost and high cost performance. Long life.

5, wear-resistant function, impact resistance function, good pressure resistance function;


1, color selection has certain limitations: commonly used colors are only cement primary colors, gray, green, red, etc.;

2, some low-quality colorful (such as green) wear-resistant floor, will fade in a short time;

3, even if it is a colorful wear-resistant floor, its color can not be as pure and saturated as epoxy floor;

4, poor resistance to permeability: wear-resistant floor is actually a kind of high-strength concrete, its anti-penetration function is far less than epoxy floor, for some workshops that often have oil pollution, such as machining workshops, etc. Simply infiltrated into the interior of the floor, resulting in incomplete cleaning;

5, can not resist the corrosion of chemicals: inorganic silicate-based chemical components, easily corroded by acid and alkali;

6, the appearance of the finish is far less than the epoxy floor, especially the poor quality of the wear-resistant floor may also be ash, and therefore not suitable for the floor with higher requirements for cleanliness.

The above is the content introduced by Guangzhou Tianmai. Because the epoxy floor and the emery floor function are different, the time of use must be selected according to the environment and needs. The epoxy floor is suitable for no special frequency. Vehicles, heavy objects often hit, no sharp and hard objects are often rubbed, no strong corrosive chemicals exist in various industrial, civil, commercial floors. The Emery wear-resistant floor is suitable for all types of vehicles that require frequent vehicle travel, often heavy object impact, often sharp and hard rubbing, non-corrosive chemicals, low requirements for cleanliness, and low requirements for beauty. Industrial, civil, commercial floor.