Double propylene polyurethane sealant is a color permeable asphalt pavement color changing agent
- 2019-03-05-

With the construction of the city, more and more cities are demanding more and more roads, and there are new requirements for function and beauty. For example, asphalt roads, more and more roads start from cement hardened ground. It has turned into a colorful asphalt pavement, and in recent years, with the vigorous construction of the sponge city, the colorful permeable asphalt pavement has also begun to appear, not only beautiful, but also permeable to water, alleviating urban thermal effects.

After the construction of colorful permeable asphalt pavement, it is generally required to spray a layer of cover sealant to maintain the color brilliance. Double propylene polyurethane sealant is such a cover maintenance agent, for example, Guangzhou Tianmai Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. The company's double-propylene polyurethane sealant has excellent weather resistance. It is mainly used for exterior surface maintenance with permeable concrete and permeable asphalt. It consists of two components. The resin and curing agent should be mixed during construction. Mix and apply after mixing.

Our company sometimes encounters customer inquiries: Why did the appearance of whitening on the colorful asphalt pavement after the application of the clear double-propylene polyurethane sealant? After the analysis of Tianmai Chemical, there are several possibilities. The first one is the quality of the data of the double-propylene polyurethane sealant. The second possibility is that the bottom layer contains water vapor, and the double-propylene polyurethane is whitened due to moisture when it is cured. There is also a different additive that may be produced by different manufacturers of dipropylene urethane. The colorful asphalt also contains some additives. After the spraying of propylene propylene, chemical reactions may occur. Of course, this is relatively small. The Pulse Chemistry team recommends that customers must first try samples from different manufacturers to ensure that the material can reach the demand and then spray on a large area.

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