What are the four aspects of water-based crack paint that will attract you in minutes?
- 2019-08-08-

Water-based crack paint is actually a paint used on wood products and plastics. In recent years, water-based crack paints have received attention and recognition from the fashionable family. Then the question is coming, where is the water-based crack paint? The following small series says that water-based crack paint is good, let's take a look!

First, the water-based crack paint is good in environmental protection

Water-based cracking paints are water-based paints, while oil-based paints use organic solvents. These organic solvents are generally solvents that are harmful to the human body, pollute the atmosphere, and are easily incinerated, and will volatilize into the air at the time of film formation. Going in, so it is awkward for health.

Second, the water-based crack paint is good in fast drying

The water-based crack paint adopts a new generation of water-based resin, which greatly improves the physical performance index based on the original water-based polyurethane paint. Under normal circumstances, the water-based crack paint surface is only 10 minutes at normal temperature, and the defects of other paint tables are slow and the recoating time is too long, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

Third, the water-based crack paint is good in high hardness

The water-based crack paint breaks the hardness above 2H in hardness, and the fullness is high. The paint film is fine and smooth, especially used in solid wood doors, furniture, cabinets and other solid wood materials to fully display the natural texture and texture of wood.

Fourth, the water-based crack paint is good in flexibility

The water-based crack paint film has the same flexibility, can satisfies the ultraviolet light irradiation, and deals with the drawback that the oil paint film is prone to cracks. Moreover, the water-based cracking paint for soft substrates has high flexibility, high elasticity, and folding and bending without any problems, which are unreachable by oily paints.