What is the role of epoxy anti-rust paint?
- 2019-08-21-

Epoxy anti-rust paint is a primer for building materials. It is mainly made of polyamide, bisphenol A epoxy resin, anti-rust pigment and other materials. It has very good construction function, not only water resistance, oil resistance and resistance. Chemicals, also rust-proof. What effect does the epoxy antirust paint have? What are the varieties of epoxy anti-rust paint? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

First, what is the effect of epoxy anti-rust paint?

Nowadays, the materials of most industrial production equipment or home improvement hardware are made of stainless steel, which can avoid mechanical rust, and the equipment is not suitable for stainless steel, so people have developed various anti-rust paints to avoid these. Metal materials are rusted, and epoxy anti-rust paint is one of the best rust-proof protective lacquers.

Epoxy anti-rust paint made of micaceous iron oxide as the primary anti-rust pigment is a very important heavy-duty anti-corrosive paint, and it can also be developed in a variety of coatings such as alkyd resin and chlorinated rubber. Anti-rust paint. The appearance of epoxy antirust paint is a good substitute for traditional cloud iron antirust paint such as alkyd and chlorinated rubber.

Epoxy anti-rust paint can be applied to the structure of some modern heavy-duty steel, mainly used for floor coating, metal anti-corrosion, automobile primer, chemical anti-corrosion, etc., like some bridges, locomotives, power stations and other industries have rules Use epoxy anticorrosive paint as a center paint. Because epoxy anti-rust paint has strong adhesion to inorganic materials such as cement and metal.

Epoxy anti-rust paint itself also has very good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, impact resistance and other functions, its mechanical function is also better, can be used as a solvent-free, high-solids coating. The weather resistance of the coating film is not good, and it will be powdered under long-term sunlight, and its decorative and gloss performance are relatively normal, so it can only be used as a primer or a center paint.

Moreover, the epoxy antirust paint has high requirements on the construction environment, and is not suitable for use under low temperature conditions. Otherwise, the curing is slow and the construction effect is not good. It also requires high temperature curing, so the investment in the coating equipment is large.

Second, what are the varieties of epoxy anti-rust paint?

1, epoxy cloud iron antirust paint

Epoxy cloud iron antirust paint is made of micaceous iron oxide as anti-rust pigment. It is a heavy anti-corrosive paint, which is mostly used in the center coating paint on heavy anti-corrosion steel structure, about strengthening the whole coating system. The anti-corrosion function is very helpful, but the rust-proof function of this paint is weak.

2, epoxy iron red, epoxy aluminum powder and epoxy zinc phosphate antirust paint

Epoxy anti-rust paint is made of iron oxide red as anti-rust pigment. It is common in modern times. If you participate in aluminum powder, it can improve its anti-rust function, and use zinc phosphate, iron oxide red and other anti-rust pigments. Zinc oxyphosphate antirust paint, has a very good anti-rust ability, can prevent rust on the surface of steel and galvanized parts, it should be noted that it can not be used for rust prevention in the long-term underwater part, there will be problems such as blistering. .

3, epoxy zinc-rich primer

The epoxy zinc-rich primer is also one of the epoxy anticorrosive paints, and the paint film contains a lot of zinc powder. It has good anti-corrosion function, and its construction function, adhesion and compatibility are good.