Waterborne metallic paint has strong adhesion
- 2019-09-06-

In daily life, we often find that old metal rusts should be refurbished with water-based metallic paints, especially at home fences, doors and windows, iron goods, etc. Water-based metallic paint is an environmentally friendly water-based paint that is non-toxic, tasteless and non-polluting. The advantages of no three wastes are favored by customers. The following small series introduces us to the characteristics of waterborne metal paint and the precautions in the process of refurbishing old metal.

Waterborne metal paint introduction

Water-based metallic paint is the world's environmentally-friendly water-based industrial paint. It uses water as a thinner and does not contain harmful solvents. It will not cause pollution before and after construction, and will not endanger human health. The VOC content of the emission is superior to the environmental standard requirements, and the various functional indicators are superior to the solvent-based paints, and are new environmentally friendly products.

Wisconsin waterborne metallic paint has strong adhesion

Waterborne metal paint construction application method

1. Grind the rusted area clean, the surface should be flat and not detached;

2, add 5% -10% water and mix evenly, if there is a bubble demand, the bubble will be puncture, then let it cool for a moment

3, directly and evenly brush a few times in a direction, generally brush 2-3 times (brushing distance after 3 hours drying and then brush)

Construction process application notes

1. Before the paint film is dry, the paint should be protected from water;

2. This product is water-based paint, do not mix with other paints;

3. The construction environment should be selected on a sunny day of 5-40 °C. The relative humidity is below 80%, and it is not suitable to be painted under the environment of 3 °C or less.

4. After long-term storage, the color paint may show a fine sedimentation condition, and it should be mixed evenly before use to prevent uneven color.

5. When multi-layer coating is required, the surface layer should be dry after the bottom coating is dry.

6. If the paint sticks to the eyes during construction, it should be rinsed with clean water immediately, and should go to the hospital if necessary.

Waterborne metal paint construction scale

Waterborne metal paint environmental protection function

1. Free of formaldehyde, free of free TDL.

2. Does not contain benzene, toluene or xylene.

3. Do not burn, odorless.

4. VOC content is better than environmental standards.

5. If required by the customer, a SGS test report can be provided.

The above is the construction method and skill of water-based metal paint, and the waterborne metallic paint is suitable for the surface treatment of rust, renovation and coloring of various metal products such as iron parts and aluminum alloys. Such as fences, iron doors, stainless steel windows and other metal objects. Trust Through the above, we will understand how to renovate old metals with water-based metallic paint.

The outer surface of the car painted with metallic paint can not only make the surface of the painted piece look more splendid, but also change the color and even the outline of the car under different viewpoints due to the refraction of light. Let the appearance of the whole car look richer and more interesting, which is one of the reasons why "metal paint" will become more and more common. Metallic paint, also known as metallic glitter paint; is a popular car topcoat. A fine aluminum particle is added to the lacquer base, and the light is reflected on the aluminum granule and then reflected by the aluminum granule through the gas film. Therefore, it looks like the metal is shining the same. This metal glitter paint gives people a pleasant, brisk and novel feeling. By changing the shape and size of the aluminum particles, it can control the glittering degree of the metal glitter paint film. On the outside of the metal paint, a layer of varnish is added to protect it. . Metallic paint is a construction paint made of metal powder, such as copper powder, aluminum powder, etc. as a pigment. With a metallic flash texture, it can enhance the level of the building and display the noble and elegant temperament. Generally there are two types of water and solvent. Since metal powder is unstable in water and air, and often undergoes chemical reaction and transformation, its surface demand is specially treated. The metal powder used in water-based paint is expensive, and its application is limited, mainly based on solvent type.