What is the difference between waterborne glass paint and oily glass paint?
- 2019-08-29-

Colored asphalt pavements are now almost everywhere, and the colors they represent are also different depending on the location. For example, blue means quiet, green means fresh, and red and orange means active. So what are the characteristics and advantages of red asphalt between these different colors of asphalt?

What red means, active and cheerful, red asphalt will keep people active. This color is needed in squares and sports fields. Square is a place for people to rest and entertain. If you want the square to maintain an active atmosphere, , use active colors. Once an active atmosphere is used, the square will be active. The sports field is a place of struggle, and red also means blood. It is bloody to paint the place where the sports field is running. Red also expresses passion. Some restaurants paint the ground in red. At the same time, they come to rock and heavy metal music to create a noisy atmosphere. This allows customers to eat quickly. This will not cause some customers to eat but not eat. It can also be income very quickly. Red also indicates a warning, so some places painted the ground and warning signs on the ground in red to warn people of dangerous or dangerous areas nearby.

Red is more conspicuous, it is a bright color, it is easy to see in the dark, so some remote places sprinkle the ground in red, and other colors on the red ground can be seen at a glance.

What is the difference between waterborne glass paint and oily glass paint?

1. Water-based glass paint uses tap water as a thinner, while oil-based glass paint uses Tianna water as a thinner. Everyone knows that Tianna water is toxic. From this point of view, water-based glass paint is more oily than glass paint. It is more environmentally safe and can be cleaned with tap water when using water-based glass paint when cleaning spray guns and molds. When oily glass paint is used, only water can be used to clean the spray gun. Water-based glass paint is more convenient to use than oil-based glass paint.

2, water-based glass paint resistance to aging, paint film hardness performance is stronger than oily glass paint.

3, the adhesion point of view, water-based glass paint is better than oily glass paint.

4, usually the price of water-based glass paint sounds a little more expensive than oily glass paint, but the thinner used in the two, oily glass paint is the use of Tianna water, water-based glass paint is tap water, so the cost is still similar .

The above is about the color asphalt pavement related content, I hope to help everyone.