What are the advantages and disadvantages of waterborne metal paint?
- 2019-09-30-

Waterborne metallic paint is an international environmentally friendly waterborne industrial paint. It uses water as a thinner and does not contain harmful solvents. It will not form environmental pollution before and after construction, and will not endanger human health. The VOC content of the emission is better than the environmental standard requirements, and the performance indicators of the product are superior to the solvent-type paint of the same type, and it is a brand-new environmentally friendly product. However, many people still don't know enough about waterborne metal paint. Today, Guotianmai gives you the answer to the advantages and disadvantages of waterborne metal paint!
1. Environmental protection and health is the first outstanding strength. The water-based metallic paint is selected by Zui's advanced technology formula and high-tech design. It mainly uses water as a thinner and has the characteristics of environmental protection, health, flame retardant, non-toxic, tasteless and fireproof. Injury to the human body.
2. The water-based metallic paint with flame retardant and anti-explosion has the effect of flame retardant and anti-explosion. It has no safety hazard during the transportation, storage and use, which guarantees the safety of the personal industry. Together, this paint is not volatile, its solid content is very high and the quality is very stable during storage.
3, easy to dry, strong adhesion water-based metal paint is very easy to dry at room temperature conditions, strong conjunctiva, strong adhesion, acid resistance of paint film is its strength, together, water-based metal paint and the same level of anti-rust paint, Its anti-corrosion effect and anti-corrosion life are more than twice as high, which greatly reduces the construction cost and material cost.
4, the hardness of the strong water-based metal paint tough film performance and its hardness are very strong, with scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance, moisture resistance and other properties.
5, synergistic energy-saving water-based metal paint also has the advantages of energy efficiency and energy saving, because it is mainly water as a thinner, the operation is very simple, the utilization rate of the product is 100%, which can greatly improve the work efficiency, the unit coating cost is extremely low !
6, the development of high cost, the need for a certain level of scientific and technological production of water-based metal paint is a new environmentally friendly products, the manufacturer's technical content is high, Guoxi water-based paint manufacturers have been developing high-quality water-based paint, including water-based metal paint, high-performance water-based emulsion , water, pigments, additives, real high quality, no added water paint.