What are the types of epoxy anticorrosive paints?
- 2018-09-13-

Commonly used epoxy antirust paints include epoxy iron red antirust paint, epoxy aluminum powder antirust paint, epoxy zinc phosphate antirust paint, epoxy cloud iron antirust paint and epoxy zinc rich primer.

Epoxy iron red, epoxy aluminum powder and epoxy zinc phosphate anti-rust paint Iron oxide red is a common anti-rust pigment for epoxy anti -rust paint. If it participates in aluminum powder, it can strengthen its anti-rust function, containing zinc phosphate and oxidation. The anti-rust paint of the anti-rust paint of iron red anti-rust pigment, in addition to the anti-rust for the appearance of steel, can also be used for the anti-rust of galvanized parts. The demand note is that since zinc phosphate is slightly soluble in water, the anti-rust paint containing zinc phosphate pigment has better anti-rust function than anti-rust paint containing only iron red, but it is not recommended for long-term use in underwater parts. There will be problems such as blistering.

Epoxy cloud iron antirust paint Epoxy antirust paint with micaceous iron oxide as the primary antirust pigment is a very important heavy anticorrosive paint. The appearance of epoxy cloud iron antirust paint replaces the traditional cloud iron antirust paint such as alkyd and chlorinated rubber, and is applied to modern heavy anti-corrosion steel structure. Now based on the epoxy cloud iron antirust paint, an epoxy cloud iron center paint which is purely used for the center coating has been developed. Its anti-rust function is weak, but as a center coating, it can effectively enhance the whole. Anti-corrosion function of the coating system.

The epoxy zinc-rich primer epoxy zinc-rich primer paint film contains a lot of zinc powder. According to ISO 12944-5, the zinc-rich primer must have a zinc powder content of 80% (mass fraction) and SSPC Paint 20 requires a lower content of 65% (mass fraction). The potential of zinc powder is lower than that of steel. When the paint film is damaged, zinc is the anode and steel is the cathode. Therefore, zinc is mainly corroded and then the steel is maintained. Therefore, even if the epoxy zinc-rich primer is damaged, the corrosion will not extend under the film. The epoxy zinc-rich primer has better construction function, strong adhesion to the substrate, and compatibility with the epoxy center paint.