Electroplating varnish|Preventing the oxidation of the plating layer with nano anti-fingerprint oil
- 2019-02-19-

In daily life, we often see that some metal surfaces are coated with a thin and bright protective metal layer. The metal layer is a process of vacuum plating or chemical water plating on the surface of the natural metal. Through vacuum plating, perhaps water-plated products, the appearance of light, bright colors, better protection and decoration. However, whether it is vacuum plating or water plating, if the coating is not coated with nano-fingerprint oil, it will affect its decorative or protective effect. The coating is not used for a long time, and it is easy to oxidize and rust when exposed to air and moisture. The coatings that have not been treated with nano-anti-fingerprint oil have poor adhesion and cannot pass various experiments of 100 grams, acid and alkali resistance and salt spray. Therefore, it is especially necessary to spray a nano-anti-fingerprint oil coating on the plating layer.

In general, vacuum plating varnish should adopt protective measures. How to adopt the coloring, dyeing or other external finishing treatment after the metallization of non-metal or metal surface to ensure that the appearance of the surface finish can be durable. The most common method used by vacuum plating manufacturers is the exterior coating. Usually, the bright nano-based anti-fingerprint oil is used to protect the finished appearance. In this way, the color of the exterior decoration can be adhered to, and the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the appearance can be improved. Coating the nano-water-based anti-fingerprint oil on the outer surface of the coating has the following advantages: 1 excellent acid and alkali resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance. Briefly speaking, anti-fingerprint oil is applied on the metal surface to prolong the service life of the metal. 2. Excellent anti-staining property (especially in the appearance of bright stainless steel products, it is difficult to clean the fingerprints left by the finger touch, and the sweat stain on the hand may cause corrosion of the stainless steel product, painting Deshenglong anti-fingerprint oil easily handles fingerprints and is easy to clean). 3 Excellent flexibility and outstanding hardness, strong adhesion (refers to the anti-fingerprint oil coating after high temperature curing, the adhesion on the metal substrate is very good, not easy to fall off, high hardness means that the coating has strong scratch resistance, Not easy to paint off).

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