Application status, prospects and testing techniques of colored wear-resistant pavement coatings (1)
- 2019-09-17-

1. Status and prospects of application at home and abroad

In recent years, many colored pavements have appeared on domestic roads. These pavements not only play the role of decorative pavement, but also have the role of warning drivers. There are mainly four types of colored pavement materials: one is colored asphalt mixture; the other is Emulsified color asphalt slurry seals; third is color cement grouting asphalt mixed three types of materials, color pavement anti-skid coatings have more outstanding anti-slip performance. Due to the simple construction of colored pavement anti-skid coatings, the rich variety of colors, the relatively stable color fastness and the relatively low price, the non-slip effect toll gates, highway ups and downs, crossroads, roundabouts, bus stops and other traffic accidents The pavement has been widely used, and the amount of pavement used for a good color pavement will increase.

The application of foreign developed areas in color non-slip roads is relatively early, especially in Europe. In Europe, the problem of growth began in the 1860s. Along with the rapid development of China's economy and the explosive growth of traffic flow, the same problem is even more worrying in China. Color skid plays an important role in reducing traffic congestion and reducing traffic accident rates. The color non-slip road surface is widely used in Europe. A large number of comparison data proves that its application not only facilitates the traffic jam, but also prevents the driver from driving on the specified road surface through the different color of the road surface, thus avoiding the difference. Mixed vehicles. Prompt the driver to have a good anti-slip effect in front. Drivers entering the above-mentioned sections can reduce the speed in advance and, in an emergency, can shorten the braking distance by 1/3 to avoid malignancy. For example, the UK uses a large number of colored pavements on roads, road intersections and bus lanes near many schools. Anti-skid coatings, and according to the passage of roads, stipulate the different colors and related anti-slip values of colored road anti-skid coatings; Australia, such as New Zealand, Australia and other countries, have applied early in color road anti-skid, especially hot-melt type. The application of anti-slip coatings is relatively mature.