Characteristics of waterborne metallic paints and comparison with ordinary paints
- 2019-09-20-

In addition to high hardness, water-based metallic paint can also express the beauty of the car body. Another reason for the formation of "water-based metal paint" is that it is blended with metal powder. With the metal component, the hardness of the paint is increased, and the paint surface is hardened, so it is less likely to be scratched.

Some "pure paints" are not water-based metal paints. The typical colors of zui are white, black, red, and yellow. It is not that these paints cannot add silver powder, but after adding silver powder. The color that appears is not the original positive color, white will become pearl white, black will become the "carbon black" with light, red will become the so-called "wine red", and yellow will become the "golden".

If there is no plain color paint with metal powder added, the hardness of the paint surface will be softer. When the high-speed driving is hit by the flying stone that rises on the road surface, the paint surface is relatively simple to fall. Others, the car with plain paint must not be wiped directly with a dry cloth or a damp cloth. It is necessary to use a lot of water to wash off the dust attached to the surface of the paint, so that it will not be used when the cloth touches the body. Let the solid gray sand have the opportunity to scratch the paint.

Not only can the surface of the painted element look more gleaming, but also the color of the car and even the generalization will change under different viewpoints and due to the refraction of light. Let the appearance of the whole car look richer and more interesting, which is one of the reasons why "water-based metal paint" will become more and more extensive.

Waterborne metallic paint, also known as metallic varnish; is a kind of automotive topcoat that was popular at that time. A fine aluminum particle is added to the lacquer base, and the light is reflected on the aluminum granule and then reflected by the aluminum granule through the gas film. Therefore, it looks as if the metal is shining the same. This kind of metallic varnish gives us a pleasant, light and novel feeling, so it is very extensive now. By changing the shape and size of the aluminum particles, the brightness of the metallic glaze film can be controlled; on the outside of the water-based metallic lacquer, a layer of varnish is added to protect it.

Waterborne metallic lacquer is a high-grade architectural coating made of metal powder, such as copper powder, aluminum powder, etc. as a pigment. The water-based metallic lacquer has a metallic light texture, which can improve the level of the building and display the noble and elegant temperament. There are two types of water and solvent. Since the metal powder is unstable in water and air, and often undergoes chemical reaction and metamorphosis, its surface demand is specially treated. The metal powder used in the water-based paint is expensive, and the application is constrained. At that time, the solvent type was mainly used. the Lord.