What is the water-based cracking paint?
- 2018-09-05-

Water-based crack paint is a kind of paint used in wood products, plastics and metals. In recent years, water-based crack paints have attracted the attention and recognition of fashion people. Where is this water-based crack paint? What is the advantage compared with ordinary water-based paint? Tianmai takes you to find out:

1. Waterborne crack paint environmental protection

Water-based paint cracking paint is water-based paint, while oil-based paint is organic solvent. These organic solvents are generally harmful to the human body, polluted by the atmosphere and flammable, and will volatilize during film formation. In the air, the so-called threat to health arises. However, these harmful substances will not be completely evaporated in a short period of time, as good as formaldehyde, it may take 5 to 10 years to completely evaporate. Therefore, the damage of these organic solvents to the human body becomes long-term behavior.

2, water-based crack paint fast drying

The water-based crack paint adopts a new generation of water-based resin, which greatly improves the physical performance index based on the original water-based urethane paint. The infinity flower paint surface is only 10 minutes at room temperature, which solves the defects of other brands of water-based paints that are slow and re-coating time is too long, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

3, water-based crack paint hardness is high

Infinity flower waterborne wood lacquer series products break through the 2H mark in hardness, and the fullness is high, the paint film is fine and smooth, especially used on solid wood doors, furniture, cabinets and other solid wood materials can fully display the natural texture of wood. With the effect of texture, it is even possible to make the effect of “seeing the wood without seeing paint”, which is unique to high-end household items that cannot be made by oily paints. These make oil paints incomparable. The infinite flower water-based industrial paint series is excellent in anti-rust performance, salt-resistant performance and competition in the construction environment. It is rich in product varieties and is a substitute for traditional oil paint.

4, water-based crack paint flexibility:

The water-based crack paint film has unique flexibility and can withstand the ravages of ultraviolet light, which solves the disadvantage of oily paint film cracking. Moreover, the water-based cracking paint for soft substrates has high flexibility, high elasticity, and folding and bending without any problems, which are not achievable by oily paints.

5, water-based crack paint film is not yellowing easy to repair

The organic chemical composition contained in the oily paint determines its physical properties. The yellowing of the paint film is a fact that cannot be changed, and the longer the film is, the thinner the film is and even disappears. Infinity flower water-based crack paint is theoretically because it is an inorganic reaction, which determines that its paint film is unlikely to yellow. From the practical point of view, the performance of water-based crack paint is not yellow, and it has also withstood the test of time and market. The paint film of oily paint is hard and brittle, and it is not easy to repair after damage. The water-based crack paint solves this problem, and the repair problem is easy to fix.

6, water-based crack paint supporting products complete

The water-based wood furniture paint series is extremely complete, water-based transparent color, water-based color, water-based color correction liquid, water-based sealing primer, water-based sealing oil seal primer water-based putty, water-based color, water-based color repair liquid, Water-based transparent color essence is the fist product of infinite flower. Water-based transparent color essence is selected by many domestic waterborne wood paint production factories with better transparency, coloration and color migration. The water-based Grice and repairing liquid is the first factory in China to produce and market infinitely, so that it is now being imitated by many water-based paint production factories, but the quality is far from the endless flower. In particular, the successful development of infinite flower water-based crack paint and water-based orange paint is also a highlight in the water-based paint industry. The infinity flower water-based industrial paint is more complete: water-based acrylic type, water-based alkyd type, water-based epoxy type, water-based amino type, and many varieties. It is the most complete and most advanced factory in the field of waterborne industrial paint. .

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