Application of Colored Wear-resistant Road Surface Coatings in Deceleration Engineering
- 2018-09-19-

With the development of the national economy, the traffic flow has increased sharply, and the traffic safety problems that follow have become increasingly serious. Traffic accidents in mountainous areas have occurred frequently. According to statistics, there is a great connection between the onset of traffic accidents and the situation of the driver (the lack of experience in driving on special roads) and the function of the road (the lack of anti-skid deceleration function). Therefore, after laying a colorful non-slip surface. Improving road markings and anti-skid functions will greatly improve traffic safety levels.

For the existing colorful non-slip surface materials, the color is easy to fall, the non-slip thin layer is easy to crack, etc., and the colorful ceramic granule data is selected as the aggregate and the adhesive for selecting the function is used to construct a colorful non-slip road surface, and the strength is non-slip wear resistance. It has good weather resistance, is not easy to fade, and has a bright color with warning effect.

In places with more mountain roads, in order to better improve the travel links of the capital. In order to better improve the construction of travel equipment, the safety function of mountain roads without lights and lights, without traffic control, to reduce the hidden dangers of safety accidents, based on extensive understanding and investigation of engineering planning, construction materials and construction techniques, limited selection Environmentally friendly new materials and colorful ceramic granules were used for construction. The colorful non-slip road surface has reached the planning requirements in the aspects of anti-slip effect and color maintenance after more than one year of practical use, meeting the needs of road traffic safety.

Because of the mountain roads, the slopes are steep and sharp, and traffic accidents are easy to occur. To this end, the pavement plans two sets of 50cm wide and 50cm wide oscillating belts to slow down the driver. At the steep slope of the necessary sharp bend, three sets of oscillating belts are selected to enhance the oscillation prompt effect. Because of the special nature of mountain roads, the use of 1-3mm granules of colorful ceramic granule sand aggregates, using the average thickness of the colorful oscillating belt to reach 4mm, not only coordinated the driving comfort, but also effectively played the role of deceleration. Quality wearable road surface coating quality manufacturers are looking for Guangzhou Tianmai.

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