Causes and prevention methods of bubbles in electroplating varnish
- 2018-11-05-

If the electroplating varnish is used for a long time or may be improperly maintained, it will show bubbles and granules. What is the reason for this? How do you need to prevent it?

The top of the list, the paint can not be evenly applied, because it can not be evenly applied, will allow air particles to enter the paint.

Second, the force of the finger pressure nozzle is not good, and it is not possible to evenly mix the paint when it is sprayed out.

Third, the paint surface is too thick and too thick, which simply forms unevenness of the paint surface.

Fourth, the paint surface is contaminated for external reasons.

Based on the above four reasons, we have the following conclusions:

1. Need force after inkjet, and evenly apply force

2. Thoroughly clean the paint before spraying to avoid contamination.

3. If there are fine bubbles, you should stop spraying immediately, and then dry the ink with a dry cloth.

4, if the bubble is relatively large, perhaps more serious, you can wait until the paint surface is boring, then go to the sandpaper to polish.

After the above four methods, it can basically prevent the electroplating varnish from showing bubbles, and then increase the service life. Have you learned it?

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