What are the techniques for artificial color matching of floor paint?
- 2018-09-27-

Floor paint consists of many different production processes, such as mixing, dissolving and dispersing. The floor paint has the characteristics of bright, real, beautiful, wear-resistant, waterproof and anti-corrosion.
Epoxy floor paint has a good ground decoration effect, which can beautify the ground and improve the grade of the building. Single-color epoxy floor paint has not been able to meet people's requirements, so we will achieve color richness through color matching, epoxy floor paint to meet people's needs.
Toning is a more complicated task. Because of the wide variety of colors and the color matching, we must understand the performance of the pigments, and we need to judge according to the difference in color. There are two commonly used color matching methods. One is to use a professional color matching instrument to calculate the composition and proportion of the color through a computer program.
This method of color matching is quite accurate and is common in areas where foreign industrial development is more developed. The second color matching method is manual preparation. Mainly relying on actual combat experience, and then according to the basic principles of color science, epoxy anti-static floor paint plus λ appropriate proportion of pigments to adjust the skill of manually configuring the complex paint: the layout of the floor paint color is divided into primary and secondary, first The amount of the call is large and the color is small, and then it is retrogradely added in a small amount of λ-deep color. During the mixing process, a constant stirring is required to observe the change of the color of the paint, and the color of the paint is also opaque. Before the color will be lighter, the color will become darker after drying. When you configure the amino coating, you need to pay attention to it. You must first understand the floating color of the primary color in the double color paint, and also observe the coloration of the color of the paint before selecting the color. The pigments are blended to avoid the gelatinization phenomenon caused by the poor mixing of the paint.
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