How to make self-leveling epoxy floor paint last longer
- 2018-08-31-

After the completion of the self-leveling epoxy floor paint construction, some accidents occurred, such as blisters, unevenness, and the like. However, after spending a lot of money on the epoxy floor paint, how to properly construct and use it to keep it for years? This is the worry and worry of many construction manufacturers and floor paint users! Today, Shaanxi Xingbang Sports Facilities will tell us how to prevent these accidents, and how to use and construct them, can self-leveling epoxy floor paints be used for years?

Let's share a few tips for us: Epoxy floor paint is a high-value, high-quality, high-demand product. The correct application method can keep the ground as new and maintain the service life. The detailed claims are as follows:

1. After the construction of the flat land is completed, it needs to be maintained for 7-10 days before it can be put into operation. During maintenance, water and other solutions should be prevented from moisturizing.

2. Any employee who enters the workshop must be replaced with a rubber-soled shoe (to avoid bringing the outside sand into the workshop and scratching the ground)

3, but the hardware: such as iron chairs and iron shelves, etc., must be wrapped with soft plastic, rubber or paper pad to avoid scratching the ground during the application process

4, the tractor needs to fully lift the board off the ground, please pay special attention to the corner of the board when cornering, do not scratch the ground

5. When cleaning the floor, please use a soft water-absorbent mop or wet and dry vacuum cleaner. It can be cleaned with water or detergent. Please pay attention to wet skid on the ground.

6. If it is worn or scratched due to long application time, it can be partially repaired in a small area. If the area is large, it should be rolled once from the head.

7. Before the equipment enters the factory, lay the bottom of the cardboard box on the floor to avoid scratching the ground during the transportation equipment.

8, the cart, the wheel of the cart, please use hard or elastic rubber wheel, and separate the use of the factory table

9, can be waxed according to the requirements of the ground