Use of glass paint and correct use
- 2018-10-19-

In life, glass paint is everywhere, such as: housing decoration, store decoration, furniture products, glass crafts, etc., so that the glass paint industry can flourish. I don't know if you have heard of glass paint?
What is glass paint?
Glass paint, as its name suggests, consists of pigments, auxiliaries, solvents, etc., used in glass finishing paints. From the temperature angle analysis, it can be divided into: low temperature baking paint, high temperature baking paint and self-drying paint. From the perspective of construction, it can be divided into: spray paint, shower paint, hand paint, etc. From the nature analysis, it can be divided into traditional glass paint and Water-based glass paint, according to different needs, can choose the type of paint.
The color matching glass paint of glass paint is one of the paints. The color can be colorized according to the needs, and the painted objects are different and different colors are presented. Glass paint color matching is to add various pigments to the raw materials to color, for example, the things to be added are: coupling agent, alkyd, coupling agent and the like curing agent.

Use of glass paint

1, glass paint, can be used to make crafts. The paint film is full, strong in adhesion, high in hardness, and has the functions of water resistance, acid and alkali resistance and discoloration resistance. During the curing process, no bubbles are generated, so people make it into glass crafts, the color is pure and beautiful.

2, glass paint, can improve the traditional monotonous color. The glass paint has many colors and is used for the finishing of glass, which can effectively improve the tradition of transparent glass.

3, glass paint can be used to protect glass products. Although the finished glass is beautiful and crystal clear, the shortcoming is that it is easy to scratch. The glass paint is specially used for the glass surface to protect the glass.

Glass paint price

The price of glass paint needs to be divided according to the material and weight. Under normal circumstances, the glass paint will not be very expensive, and the price is about tens of yuan, and the increase will not be large.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will vary. For more details on the price, please refer to the local distributor!

The correct method of using glass paint

Reconciliation: After opening the barrel, observe the state of the paint. If there is no abnormality, stir it evenly. According to the label ratio, first mix the curing agent and the main paint, then add the diluent and adjust the viscosity to work.

Use: Cleaning of the substrate: special cleaning agent to wipe the surface, thoroughly remove the stains and keep the surface dry. Spraying: The spray gun is 20-30cm away, and the small spray gun is 15-25cm. The spraying pressure is 0.3-0.6 (about 3-6kg/cm2).

Matters needing attention: the construction humidity is large, can be baked at low temperature to ensure product quality. The paint must be used up within the effective time, within 3 hours in the summer and within 8 hours in the winter.

I should have a good understanding of glass paint now.