Which kind of parking lot anti-slip floor paint is better?
- 2018-09-30-

The floor paint of the indoor parking lot is extremely important, and its anti-slip property, wear resistance and safety are the key to measuring the quality of a parking lot. Here, we are strongly recommending the water-based ring. Oxygen floor paint is used as a parking lot anti-skid floor paint.

This water-based epoxy floor paint is wear-resistant, impact-resistant, excellent in air permeability, non-bubble, and soft in gloss. It is suitable for general surface coating. It is especially suitable for high-clean, non-slip and humid environments, such as underground parking lots. On the floor, the construction requires a small smell. In addition, hospitals, food factories, supermarkets, dairy factories and cosmetics factories are also suitable.

Let's first take a look at the strengths of this waterborne epoxy floor:

Top of the list, convenient construction. The workability of epoxy resin coatings is much more convenient than that of waterborne acrylic coatings and waterborne polyurethane coatings. Epoxy coatings have reasonable curing times and can be cured in warm and humid environments. Construction materials can also be used. Clean water directly, simple and fast.

Second, the environmental protection function is good. We should know very well about this. Because epoxy resin does not contain organic solvents or low volatile organic compounds, it will not form human poisoning or air pollution, and meet the needs of environmental protection in China.

Third, it can be water-based. Epoxy resin is affordable, odorless, simple to store and transport, and non-combustible and other safety features have greatly improved.

Fourth, high adhesion. The water-based epoxy resin can adhere well to a wide variety of substrates, and at the same time, it has excellent corrosion resistance, and is basically adaptable to the substrate, and does not form a falling phenomenon.

The waterborne epoxy floor paint produced by Zhengou is widely used, with high quality and good environmental protection function. With its deep professional technology, professional construction, perfect quality and after-sales service, it has won high praise from many customers and is very welcome here. More customers who have this need to contact us, we will meet your needs with quality products and services.

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