Method for removing grease on epoxy floor paint
- 2018-10-12-

As an industrial floor paint, epoxy floor paint is very popular among the workshops. In industrial workshops, epoxy floor paints are inevitably contaminated by some industrial materials, such as oil. The following veins teach you how to remove the oil on the epoxy floor paint .

Commonly used materials are: sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, silicates, phosphates.

The slag is used to remove the oil stain on the paint film of the floor paint. The liquefaction of the lye is mainly based on the saponification of alkali to remove the grease and slight pollutants on the surface of the coated epoxy resin to achieve the purpose of surface purification. The higher the concentration of the lye, the more favorable the saponification reaction process, the lower the surface tension between the oil and the solution, and the easier to remove the oil.

Common information for lye cleaning:

In addition to the alkali paint on the floor paint film, the necessary conditions are: can dissolve the oil, can form a higher alkalinity, has the function of colloidal gelatinous substance, easy to wash, clean, chemical stability, heat resistance, non-toxic , corrosive and so on.

Generally, as a pretreatment step of degreasing treatment, the surface dust, debris, and thick oil are removed first, and then degreased with an alkali solution.

It should be noted that the concentration of the lye and the operating temperature should not be too high. Labor protection should be strengthened, and special attention should be paid to avoid damage to the skin and cornea by lye.

The degreasing temperature of the epoxy floor is improved, and the degreasing temperature is improved, which is beneficial to the saponification reaction, and softens the oil with higher melting point, and is also beneficial to the infiltration and emulsification. Therefore, the degreasing power can be improved and the removal can be accelerated. Oil speed. But too high a temperature will cost a lot of power.

Many volatiles can contaminate the air on the construction site and deteriorate working conditions. It is also possible to corrode the base surface.

In the degreasing time, in general, the higher the temperature, the lighter the oil stain, the shorter the degreasing time, and the longer the degreasing time, the better the degreasing effect.

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