How to remove the paint on the glass
- 2019-05-29-

Since the glass is rich in variety and can be applied to various occasions, the glass has a wide prospect and has always been favored by customers. When choosing glass, in addition to paying attention to its price, we should also pay attention to the different properties of various types of glass, and choose the type that is more suitable for our own use. Some glass will be painted on the surface in order to add the artistic effect of the application, but some paints will be partially damaged due to insufficient adhesion, so it is necessary to remove the paint. Next, the water-based glass paint manufacturer introduced how to remove the paint on the glass and clarify some good ways to remove the paint.

First, how to remove the paint on the glass

When the glass or glass window is stained with paint, you can go to the hardware store to buy a can of “painting water”, and use a small brush to draw on the paint. After half an hour, the paint film floats. This is as long as the paint shovel is used. With a push, the paint stain can be scraped off.

There is paint or dirt on the glass. You can apply some vinegar on it. After it is soaked, wipe it off with a clean cloth. Or spray the cleaning agent on the glass, and then put on the plastic wrap to soften the condensed oil stains. After 10 minutes, tear off the plastic wrap and scrub with a damp cloth.

Cabinet glass that is easily contaminated with oil should be cleaned up. If oil stains are found, it can be scrubbed with slices of onion. The blurred glass can be refreshed.

Second, how to remove the paint on the glass mirror

1. Pine perfume. Wipe off with a soft cloth dampened with pine perfume, then scrub with a clean rag. Clean the answer. Use the loose perfume to remove the paint. Wipe with a dry rag to make the glass brighter.

2. Turpentine oil removal method. The paint on the glass can be wiped off with turpentine or nail polish remover.

3. Use detergent. Spray the cleaner on the glass and attach a layer of plastic wrap. Softens the condensed stains. 10 minutes later, tear off the plastic wrap and scrub with a damp cloth and detergent.

4. Vinegar to trace method. First change the vinegar on the paint, then scrub with a dry cloth.

5. Covered with a blade, I am doing glass painting.

6. Tea to trace method. Lighter paint traces can be removed with sub-cold tea.

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