Sharing water-based crack paint construction process renderings
- 2019-01-15-

The villa is stylish and stylish, and the large room space leaves enough room for planning and planning for perfection. The wall of the room is painted with a unique crack paint, beautiful and characteristic. The center sofa is dominated by gray tones, the large soft carpet is surrounded by narrow and long-planned sofas, and the center is black and white. The coffee table is decorated with some colorful fruits and vegetables. It is full of anger and the large-scale scenery wall behind it. It is covered with brown vertical stripes wallpaper, and the color is gentle and beautiful.

The planning and art of the water-based crack paint room is uniquely artistic, and the chic and simple plan reflects the high aesthetic taste. In the center of the living room, there is a large area of dark green with delicate tableware and elegant crane ornaments, surrounded by simple chairs of the same color. On the side wall of the room is covered with a marble wall with a flesh-colored pattern. The margin of the ceiling is planned as a simple groove, which can be set with lights to create a common light effect.

The decoration of the restaurant has a classic style with contradictory styles, and the chic and creative room planning gives a great aesthetic shock. The walls of the room are painted with smoked blue pigments, and the colors are chic and mysterious, like the endless sky and the deep size. The center of the room is a set of rounded rotating dining tables with golden flowers in the center, like the fruit of harvest. The brown ceiling panels are inlaid on the ceiling of the room, which is regular and classical.