Use of waterborne metal paint in hardware decoration
- 2019-03-29-

Water-based metallic paint is suitable for surface coating of metal workpieces and can replace various solvent-based baking coatings. It is used for the decoration and protection of metal surfaces, especially for metal aluminum, alloy, stainless steel and other fine metal materials.
It is mainly used for lighting, metal parts of household appliances, metal handicrafts, etc. The surface of electroplating hardware is used for plating and varnishing. It can also be used as protection and decoration coating for automobiles, motorcycle parts and fuel tanks. Not only has high hardness and outstanding flexibility, but also has excellent rust prevention and storage stability.
Naliang water-based metal paint products have excellent functions in the surface of the paint film, and pass the SGS quality skill test certification that meets the requirements of Europe and the United States. Compared with solvent-based metal baking varnish, water-soluble metal lacquer has good aging resistance, non-toxic, non-polluting, and features of non-combustible and non-explosive.
Construction instructions:
1. Steel plate substrate treatment: sand blasting or phosphating;
2. Before use, the paint liquid must be evenly mixed. After the thinning, the 200 mesh cloth is filtered and used.
3, can be applied by spraying method. Spraying caliber: 1.1~1.3mm, spraying pressure: 0.3~0.4Mpa, spraying viscosity: 30~35S (coating 4 cups, 20°C), baking temperature: 120~180°C, painting temperature: <>
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