Application of infinite flower water-based crack paint in various industries
- 2019-02-21-

In recent years, with the development of the national economy, people's living standards have been flourishing, and the demand for architectural style has also increased day by day. Not only the pursuit of environmental protection and comfort, but also the aesthetic experience. Water-based cracked paints have left a deep impression on consumers because of their unique aesthetics and their traditional craftsmanship.

The infinite flower water-based crack paint not only has outstanding performance in the process effect, but also has obvious advantages in terms of product function compared with the traditional crack paint. The traditional crack paint belongs to the field of nitro paint. The paint contains many volatile organic solvents, and the construction solid content is very low. Many toxic and irritating organic compounds will occur during the use of the paint. Not only does it cause poisoning and air pollution to workers during use, but it also penetrates into the wood shading and then slowly releases, resulting in long-term chronic damage to residents. It can be seen that solvent-based crack lacquer not only pollutes the environment, damages the health of painters and residents, but also ignites and blasts, causes fire hazards, and ruins non-renewable petroleum resources. Therefore, it is necessary to research and develop a water-based crack paint that is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, safe and simple, and has excellent coating function, in order to replace the solvent-based crack paint product, to meet the higher requirements of the market. Therefore, the infinite flower water-based crack paint came into being, and its product was prepared by appropriate proportion of water-based resin, pigment and filler, various additives and deionized water. It uses water as a thinner, non-combustible and non-explosive. It does not contain benzene-based volatile organic compounds such as benzene and toluene. It has no irritating odor and is environmentally friendly and non-polluting. It can be used for art crafts such as wood, metal, plastic and glass.

The infinite flower water-based crack paint is widely used in the wood furniture, metal, plastic and glass professions. It not only plays a very good decoration role, but also has a good covering effect on the cracks that occur in the high temperature process of glass and other products. It integrates protection, decoration and coverage functions.

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