Is there any way to clean the glass paint?
- 2019-03-20-

Usually in the decoration of the home, the glass doors and windows are simply glued to the paint. If the paint is sticky, it is difficult to clean it. How to wash away the paint without damaging the glass, many people are not very clear. Let's let Xiaobian tell us how to wash glass paint and what cleaning methods are available.
Glass paint cleaning method 1, banana water, also called Tianna water. Banana water can be used to dilute the paint. It has a good effect on the paint on the cleaning glass. It is sold in general paint shops, but it should be noted that it is flammable, explosive, toxic and volatile.
2, gasoline. A well-known cleaning agent is actually equivalent to banana water and works well. It can be wiped with a wet towel.
3, tar cleaning agent. Special cleaning agent, cleaning effect is better.
4. Carburetor cleaning agent. Relatively irritating is much stronger than tar cleaning agents, but also has a certain cleaning effect.
5, wind oil fine. Have a certain role, may wish to try.
6, car wash mud, also known as volcanic mud. After soaking in the water for a while, it will become soft, clean and strong, and not corrosive. It is one of the better products.
7, fine sandpaper, blades. After careful attention, the paint spots can be removed, but there is also the danger of scratching the glass.
Glass lacquer glass cleaning method 1. Infected with dirty glass, use a rag of some warm vinegar, wipe it clean and make it bright. There is dirt and grease on the glass, which can be washed with a small amount of vinegar and salt mixture. Wiping the glass with a slice of onion will make it bright and bright. Glass products will be contaminated after a long time. Use a small amount of baking soda to wash a little water with a cloth.
2, drop a few drops of fire oil on the glass, and then rub with cloth or cotton, not only the glass is very bright, and can prevent rain and water stains. Rub the glass with a waste newspaper and rub it with a dry newspaper to make the glass clean. Apply gypsum powder to the glass, dry it and wipe it with a soft dry cloth. The glass will be very bright. For the glue on the glass, scrape the tape with a knife and rub with turpentine.
3, can be wiped off with a hot towel dipped in alcohol or paint thinner, remember to bring gloves.
4. In addition to the markings on the glass window, use a spoonful of hydrochloric acid to transfer a bowl of water, and use a glove to wipe with a sponge. Wait for half an hour and then pass the water. Please try it carefully. If you still haven't gotten better, just use a caustic soda solution to rub it. It is necessary to pay attention to it.
The above is the small series for us to know about how to clean the glass and the paint cleaning method on the glass. Trust everyone has now understood that the above several paint cleaning methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and later encounter the glass sticking. When painting or cleaning for a long time, we can choose a suitable method to clean, the glass must be clean.