Comparison between waterborne glass paint and oily glass paint
- 2018-10-22-

Waterborne glass paint is a tap water as a diluent. With the characteristics of green, energy saving, safety and convenient function, it has developed rapidly in all countries of the world. Water-based glass glaze, free of harmful solvents such as benzenes and esters, free of free TDI, non-combustible, is a relatively new environmentally friendly glass glaze, and has been rated as a truly green product by international and other authoritative verification agencies. Water-based glass lacquer has super strong adhesion, its coating film is firm and never sheds; no special treatment at high temperature, color radiance, product acid, alkali, heat, mildew, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, excellent Hardness and toughness, no aging, resistance to external forces is stronger than ordinary oil paints. Applicable to all kinds of architectural decorative glass, furniture glass, lighting glass, art glass and kitchen utensils and other surface glass products.

Oily glass paint needs to add more than 50% organic solvent (toluene, xylene, industrial alcohol, etc.) to the paint as a solvent. Polluted, flammable, volatile gases will cause great harm to the human body; in recent years The water-based paint industry has developed rapidly, and with the application of high-tech, new varieties have been continuously developed. The original solvent-based paints have been gradually replaced by water-soluble paints. At present, domestic and foreign enterprises are constantly proposing more on China's product quality standards. High requirements have already affected the survival and development of many companies. In particular, wine bottles are used as food packaging, and their requirements for non-toxic, non-polluting and environmental protection are more stringent than those of general industrial products. Products that do not meet the standards have gradually begun to withdraw from the market. From the recent plasticizer incident in the liquor industry, we can recognize that the liquor industry should eradicate all the hidden dangers of pollution. Obviously, oily glass paint is an obvious source of pollution. In order to adapt to the current economic development situation, for glass deep processing and other enterprises, the advent of water-based glass glaze solves the problems of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, pollution-free and fire hazard of some manufacturers. At the same time, it reduces the damage to the human body and the ecological environment, and reduces production costs and input expenditures. It is the direction of current and future industry development.

Water-based glass lacquer is a high-standard, high-performance, environmentally-friendly water-based glaze produced by Meizhu Chemical. Has the following characteristics:

Easy to construct, it can be wet and wet.

Single component, workers do not need ingredients, reduce the resulting quality accidents caused by improper ratios; can also improve efficiency.

No irritating odor. Facilitate the on-site operation of workers. It will not cause environmental pollution before and after construction, and will not cause any pollution residue on the bottle, and will not harm human health.

High hardness, high flexibility. The water-based glass glaze is made of selected synthetic resin and is a material with high hardness and high toughness. The wear resistance of the surface of the aqueous glass glaze after film formation is solved. The glaze film on the surface of the bottle will not be damaged during disinfection, irrigation, packaging and transportation.

Water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, glass glaze has a water resistance cycle of more than 800 hours. It is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary glass paint. Alcohol-resistant (pure industrial alcohol) is longer than ordinary paint and can reach more than 200 hours. It is also extremely resistant to perspiration.

Adhesion is tested by Baige and other tests without falling off; and the adhesion can be maintained at 5B after soaking in water, soaking alcohol and boiling water.

Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-polluting: through ROHS heavy metal testing standards, through the US FDA standards strict testing.

Good weather resistance: it can be iced in the north, and in the south of the hot summer, keep the bright colors never fade.

It can be baked at low temperature and baked in a short time, which greatly saves energy. The baking temperature of Metbo water-based glass glaze can be as low as 120-140 ° C, 15-25 min; especially the baking temperature of water-based glass plated glaze is reduced to 180 ° C / 30 min, much lower than the traditional 220 ° C / 40 min .

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