Epoxy anti-rust paint coating solution
- 2018-10-29-

Today, Guangzhou Tianmai Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. takes you to know about epoxy anti-rust paint:

Epoxy anti-rust paint is a multi-purpose primer, mainly used for new buildings or maintenance, easy construction, high-performance epoxy anti-rust primer, can replace zinc-rich primer for acid-base splash or intermittent impregnation. Overcoating of a variety of high performance topcoats.

1. Clean the grease with solvent cleaning according to SSPC-SPI requirements, remove the welding slag, and smooth the weld or sharp edges. The coated surface must be dry and clean.

2, sandblasting treatment: sandblasting needs to meet the requirements of Swedish SISO55900 standard Sa2.5, the surface flaw caused by sandblasting should be tried to smooth the filling or to deal with it in an appropriate way.

3, pre-primed steel, electric welded joints or damaged parts to be sandblasted to meet the requirements of the Swedish standard SISO55900 Sa2.5, if the surface has been seriously scattered damage, you need to sweep the sand.

Pre-construction period:

Airless spray: recommended

Brushing or roller coating: only for small areas, need to be repeated to achieve the desired film thickness

Conventional spraying: Applicable, diluted 20%

During construction:

Epoxy anti-corrosive paints are flammable and contain volatile flammable solvents, so they must be kept away from Mars and open flames. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the workplace, and effective measures should be taken to prevent the generation of Mars (such as the use of explosion-proof electrical equipment, to prevent static electricity accumulation, to avoid metal impact, etc.). Construction sites should be as well ventilated as possible. In order to eliminate the explosion hazard during use, sufficient ventilation should be ensured to maintain the gas/air ratio not exceeding 10% of the minimum explosion limit. Usually, 200 cubic meters of ventilation per kilogram of solvent is required (depending on the solvent type). A working environment with a minimum explosion limit of 10%.

Take effective measures to prevent skin and eyes from coming into direct contact with the paint (eg using work clothes, gloves, goggles, face shields and protective oil). If the skin is inadvertently in contact with the product, wash it thoroughly with water and soap or a suitable industrial cleaner. If the eyes are contaminated, rinse immediately with water for at least 10 minutes and seek medical attention immediately. During construction, it is recommended to wear a mask to avoid inhalation of paint mist and harmful gases, especially in poorly ventilated environments. Finally, please be careful to dispose of used paint buckets to avoid polluting the environment.

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