Electroplating varnish: four effective ways to remove paint odor
- 2018-12-21-

A lot of paint, after the new brush goes up, there will be a strong pungent smell, people will feel dizzy when they smell. So how do you remove the smell of paint?

The first method: 1. After the paint is finished, it should be properly opened to open a window that does not directly dry the wall, so that the room can be ventilated; 2. Can be filled with cold water in a bucket or basin, and then participate in the right amount Vinegar, put the vinegar water in a painty room, open the window to allow the room to ventilate, and open the furniture door. Because it can add moisture to the room, protect the top coating surface, and also absorb the residual paint smell.

The second way: How can the renovated room remove the residual paint smell? Generally, the newly renovated house cannot be moved in immediately. It should be ventilated to disperse the smell as much as possible, but it is impossible to open all the doors and windows, or whether the wall top paint just finished construction is cracked and cracked. Phenomenon, this destroys the beauty. In fact, to quickly remove the paint smell in the new house, there is also a simple way to wet the cotton ball with citric acid, and then hang it in the newly renovated house or wood furniture to absorb the paint.

The third method: this method is to use tropical fruit to remove the paint smell, which is characterized by good effect, low cost, and simple and convenient. We can use jackfruit (a tropical fruit shaped like durian) to remove the smell of paint from the new house. This method works well, and it is recommended by Ou Shishi. It is usually possible to remove the paint smell in a few days.

The fourth method: We can also go to the market to buy some high-tech paint-removing detergents, which can remove the harmful gases emitted by newly renovated houses and new furniture. According to authoritative sources, some high-tech astringent detergents are imported products. They use chemical compounds that react with harmful substances to achieve the effect of removing paint odor. The method of use is to put a mixture of water containing astringent detergent into the newly renovated house or new furniture, so that it absorbs the smell of the paint, and then combined with the scrubbing method, it can remove the bad smell of paint after a few days. It is.

The above is the four effective ways to remove the paint odor from the electroplating varnish manufacturer. For more information, please pay attention to our official website!

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