Oily glass paint construction
- 2018-11-09-

Oily glass paint can be sprayed directly on the light glass, and applied to sandblasting, frosting, carving, ice sculpture, painting, hand-painting, and background wall. The effect is more colorful. Not only can it be used as a solid color paint, but it can also be applied to different powders (such as bright powder, laser powder, colorful powder, pearl powder, laser strip, color powder, gold and silver powder) in the bright glass paint. The role and level of different kinds of process glass are further advanced. The specific operations are as follows:

Because glass has the unique property of water absorption, please do not wipe the glass with water. Try to use new glass. If the glass has a large water content, it will not only affect the firmness and adhesion of the paint, but also spray the product for a while. The gas contained in the glass and the paint can not be emitted, but the appearance of mold and fog, the loss of light, will also cause the paint to peel off, so when cleaning the glass with boring talcum powder, micro-powder to wipe the appearance, it can Water absorption can also remove oil, and it can be sprayed after a quarter of an hour.

If you want to participate in different colors, different functions of bright powder, pearl powder, laser powder, gold and silver powder, etc., and the bright paint is evenly mixed, and evenly sprayed on the clean flat glass, such as only spray this effect after boring Simply, if the back side needs to be sprayed with a color paint, the color paint can be sprayed on the outer surface according to a certain ratio.

Polycrystalline paint effect: Stir the color paint evenly, filter with 200 mesh or silk stockings to ensure no impurities, stop spraying for a quarter of an hour on the surface of the cleaned clean glass, dry for about 20 minutes, 12 hours later Can be shipped, such as baking needs 70-80 ° C, can be shipped after 30 minutes.

It must be operated in a clean environment when spraying. The paint with good paint should be filtered, and the sewage in the air compressor is often discharged every day. Avoid water and oil filtration into the paint to produce bubble oil, air compressor pressure should be adjusted to ensure that the spray gun atomization is optimal. It is best to use a large caliber gun.

If you have the conditions to use the baking equipment, remember that after the paint is sprayed, it must be naturally leveled for more than 15 minutes, then put into the oven to start baking, the baking temperature should not exceed 180 °C, avoid the temperature is too high, make the paint It is not crisp and falls.

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