Waterborne electroplating varnish formula
- 2018-10-18-

The plating film is extremely easy to be scratched and cleaned, and the outer surface needs to be covered with a layer of varnish (or varnish) for maintenance without affecting the plating effect.

And electroplating varnish has certain physical and chemical functions. Previously, solvent-based acrylic resin was used in combination with amino resin. However, the implementation of the national environmental protection policy currently imposes an environmental purification and consumption tax, which affects the solvent-based electroplating varnish market.

Water-soluble electroplating varnish formula

Water-soluble acrylic resin DRL-03479; 60-70; amino resin 797 or 747; 8-12 (797 for high temperature 80-120 degree baking, 747 for low temperature 150-180 baking)

Anti-white water-8-1


Adhesion promoter DRL-6065 1.5-3.0

Leveling agent DRL-1077 or 1008 or 1206 0.5-1.0

Defoamer DRL-3147-0.2-0.5

Wetting agent DRL-1140-0.5-1.5

Anti-flash rust agent DRL-8066 0.5-1.0

Salt spray aid DRL-8718 0.5-1.0

Acid catalyst DRL-8045 0.5-3.0

Corrosion inhibitor 0.2-0.5

PH Conditioner 0.5-2.0

The above formula can be concentrated with deionized water 1:0.5-1, spray viscosity of 10-13 seconds, baking 100-120 degrees for 30 minutes, if 747 amino resin requires 150 degrees for 30 minutes. Hardness is above 2H, the percentage of adhesion is not lacquered, the gloss is above 100 degrees, it is excellent in water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance, resistant to MEK solvent 50-100 times, and resistant to ethanol 100-200 times.

Formulated with a topical isocyanate curing agent and cross-linking agent, it has better hardness of 2H or more, fullness, high gloss of 100 degrees or more, and water and solvent resistance, chemical resistance and acid-base function. The baking temperature of this formula is baked at 100-120 degrees for 30 minutes. The test function is required for one week. After the curing agent is completely reverberated and the water is evaporated, the function and hardness of the film are fully met.

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